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Greetings Friends and Enemies to Be!

My name is Vyr Vandalous and I welcome you!

I will once again make my name known to a new community and introduce those that are worthy to become members of The Shadow Empire!

About Me: I have Beta tested many games of mmorpg and rpg origin.

Guild Philosophy: We are family... we are brothers and sisters... those in our ranks we treat as such and those not amongst us are considered the weak and foolish for daring to oppose us.

History of Guild Leadership: I have led many guilds over many games. Ultima Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online. Age of Conan PvP Server where I had over +1000 Members. (Not multi toon accounts but separate accounts). I have played old school D&D and finished/beaten every D&D rpg game on PC that there is.

If you wish to join then make a posting here. This is an Elite Power Players Guild here. We work hard, we pull together as a team and we plunder and pillage and loot anyone that gets in our way.

We of course do also welcome "Casual Players" and Crafters as well. In fact.. we encourage various means or methods of play. If you wish to discuss this in more detail then join our discord server so I can give you an introduction to our goals, efforts and how you can have you place amongst us.

We do have a Code of Honor but that is reserved only for our own Kin.

Have a good day! >=)

Vyr Vandalous
Guild Master
The Shadow Empire

Join us on Discord!: The Shadow Empire Alpha Server

By the Way: Yes.. we are doing all 3 races here in the guild. We have the support structure already in place for this. If you wish to be a Beastman or Human or even Demon we will welcome you. We can also discuss the 'how's' of how we're doing this and the why's as well with you once you join us in discord.